Nature has been keeping its positions at Mardu for centuries and we don’t mind. Instead, we try to help to keep it that way as much as is in our hands. Having the luxury of hearing wolves during the winter and rear boreal migrators like corn crake in the summer has taught us the values of well balanced life. And we’ll do anything to keep it that way while sharing he knowledge with others. 
Design has become our tool and a messenger. Living here in the realm of nature next to people aware of some most extraordinary traditional grafts and skills, has brought us to an understanding what might be the key of human size world. Moreover, we’ve decided to share our values and findings through design and crafts. Each item initiated at Mardu have a story to tell and certain task to fulfill >>>

People and human kind as the dominant species of the planet can help a great deal while keeping the balance of our world. And not only through fancy projects, shiny positions and newspaper titles. Our everyday life gives us much more tools that we seem to notice. All future owners of items originating from Mardu will not only be sharing the wisdom from the nature and people around us.They’ll be the messengers and care takers of the world. Our world has just the perfect fit to cherish and care each person, and species next to us.

Come along. Your’e entitled.